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Finally! Out on the Green Grass.

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

With all this crazy weather, it has been a challenge to get the north pasture fenced. I think the horses are pleased!

See how many dandelions are in the pasture? This is actually great news!!

Did you know that dandelions are an excellent source of potassium for horses? They can also help cleanse a horse's system and are useful for easing chronic pain and inflammation in horses.

Acclimating to the pasture

Although it would be wonderful to just turn the horses out on the fresh spring grass (especially after such after such a long wait!) and let them eat their little hearts out, but unfortunately that would actually be dangerous. The spring grasses are full of sugars and the horses must ease into the feast incrementally each day to acclimate. Otherwise, the sugar overload can cause a serious health problem in horses call laminitis or founder. Fun fact: the grass in fall is also filled with sugar as the the grass gets its last burst of energy before going dormant for the winter. Horse caretakers should be watchful in fall as well as spring that their horses are not getting too much grass.

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