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 Therapy and Coaching Services

My promise is respect and genuine care, in a space without judgment or shame 


Individual Therapy can range from deep inner work for healing old wounds -  to identifying and shifting limiting beliefs we didn't realize were keeping us stuck.  I often use IFS and Somatic Experiencing in sessions with clients. These are the most incredibly powerful and effective modalities for therapy I have encountered. They are well-respected and evidence-based approaches to healing and to learning how to live effectively from your best or highest self.


Couples may be looking for a tune-up or a serious repair in their relationship.  I use IFS and SE therapy with couples just as I often do with individuals.  IFS and SE are powerful and effective in promoting harmony in relationships.  IFS allows us to heal the wounds from the past that are influencing our relationships in the present while SE helps each partner understand how nervous systems affect the way we show up during times of conflict as well as peace.  When each partner has more access to their own internal wisdom and Self-leadership, this allows them to have  stronger, more deeply satisfying connection with one another.  


Horses are keenly intuitive and attuned to people’s slightest expressions and energetic or emotional shifts.  Equus Coaching is a transformational experience that enables a person to shift from internal confusion and conflict into a greater sense of clarity and genuine personal alignment.  This experience is perfect for individuals, couples, families, and groups such as veterans, retreats or corporate events.  For more information on Equus Coaching experiences, click the icon.


At times we get stuck... whether it is in relationships, career, wrestling with tough decisions, or just knowing what is next for us... and despite our best efforts to create some movement on our own, we can’t seem to find the key. That is a great time to speak to a life coach.  The good news is... all of the answers you seek are already inside of you. Often what’s holding us back is simply a pattern of thought or behavior that we don't realize is keeping us stuck.

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