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Sunna is a 7 year old mustang mare born in the wild in Oregon.  She is from the Beatty Butte herd and was gathered as a yearling.  She remained in holding with the BLM (Beareau of Land Managment) until Kit met her as a 3 year old and adopted her.  

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Sunna's Journey

Kit met Sunna during the Master Facilitator Level training with the Koelle Institute of Equus Coaching.  Sunna had a tag around her neck and no name.  She was traumatized and terrified.  After 4 days of total love and support from the Master Facilitator group, she had made little progress with her fear, and it looked like she would be going back to the BLM.

It was in that moment that Sunna and Kit's lives became forever entwined and changed.  Sunna traveled over 2,000 miles to Kit.  Loving and trusting themselves as well as one another has helped to heal them both. This shared journey ignited the passion for Kit to begin Zenhorse and continue the profound healing of mustangs and humans.

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